Individualized Integrative Medicine
    Consultation: L.E.A.R.N.
    *In addition to traditional Western approach

    Lifestyle: Diet, Supplements, Weight
              Management & Sleep hygiene
    Exercise & Arthritis Self Management
    Attitude: Stress Management &
             Positive Thinking
    Relationships: Family, Friends &
              Support Network
    Nutrition: Anti-Oxidants & Supplements
    Other: Hormone Optimization & Detoxification
    (Environmental toxin exposure)
    Referral Services to other specialist(s):
    Traditional Chinese Medicine / Acupuncturist
    Massage Therapist
    Psychologist / Marriage Family Therapist
    Practitioners of Biofeedback
    Ayurvedic / Naturopathic Practitioners
    Holistic dietician
How does this health consultation work?

If you don’t know where to start, or what to do to improve your health, a
comprehensive assessment will help you to identify what areas you need
to focus on: stress, exercise, nutrition, nutritional supplements,
antioxidants, hormones and detoxification.

Your initial visit (50 mins)  with Dr Shibuya will focus upon the extensive 8-
9 page history intake form you fill out before the appointment, which allows
for more focused time with Dr Shibuya at the visit to make a
comprehensive evaluation plan.  

At your follow-up visit (25 mins) generally about 2 to 3 months later, we will
review your comprehensive evaluation (labs) and provide with specific
treatment plans that typically take 4-6 months to take effect.  

Dr Shibuya will also make appropriate referrals to other integrative holistic  
practitioners specialists AFTER a comprehensive health assessment is
Current Pricing  (April 2016) subject to change without notice.

Description of Service(s)                                                                                                     Cost    
Initial Consultation (50 mins) in person ------------------------------------  $395
    - does not include cost of any labs
Initial Consultation (50 mins) in person [discount]------------------------- $300
    - for current Dr Shibuya's Fremont Rheumatology patient seen within 1 year

Follow-Up (F/U) Consultation (in person / webcam & phone)
to review any labs & make specific treatment plans  (based on time)  
    12 minutes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------  $95
    25 minutes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------  $180
    40 minutes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------  $260
    50 minutes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------  $300

Combo Discounts (Pre-paid together)
Initial Consult with 1 F/U Visit (25 mins)  -$75 discount   -------------------------------- $500       
Initial Consult with 1 F/U Visit (25 mins) current Dr Shibuya patient (-$80) --------- $400  

Specialty Lab Services:
SpectraCell: (Pricing - in PDF) Please always check for updated pricing!

LipidLab:  Omega 3 Test  (Pricing in PDF)

Health Diagnostic Labs – Advanced Lipid, Diabetes Screening       

Genova Labs        

IOVERA Knee Pain Injection
Shibuya Integrative Health Appointment Booking Process

1. Please download, print, and fill in the Consent and Health Intake form
2. Email / Fax / Drop off/ Mail in the completed Health Intake Form
    Email: info (at)   
    eFax: 866-291-4756  
    Address: 3775 Beacon Ave. Ste 120, Fremont, CA 94538

3. A Staff will call you back to schedule your 50 minute New Patient Appointment once Dr Shibuya has reviewed your completed Health Intake   
Form (within 5 business days).  You need to leave a Credit Card # and a deposit of $100 to hold your appointment time. You can re-schedule
with 72-business- hour notice without any penalty,

Our staff will go over your cost for the New Patient Appointment. Please do not hesitate to contact us.  eVoice: 510-585-3055

We integrate the best of Western and non-Western
practices through a therapeutic relationship to care
for the entire person (mind, body and spirit) to
optimize health and wellness of YOU.

What we offer

•        Starting with a comprehensive health
, we look at you as a whole person
through a bio-psycho-social model, which
includes your immune function, your nutrition, your
stress level, your family history, and your previous
injuries and illnesses

•        We also
examine your genetic profile, your
environment, and your lifestyle
to create a new
paradigm of your wellness needs

•        We help you
discover the potential triggers
that may have resulted in certain emotional or
mental stress, and we work to
transform your
chronic stress and fatigue into positive energy and
better health of the mind, body, and spirit

•        We offer
advanced blood test to ascertain
your current health status, and based on these
objective results, we will refine our
recommendations to enhance your health through
diet and nutritional supplements

•        We use a
holistic approach to restore your
body and mind to wellness by using conventional
evidence based medicine and integrating it with
non-Western therapies.