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Shibuya Integrative Health:
opens on certain Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
eVoice: 510-585-3055
eFax: 866-291-4756
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Email: info (at)
eVoice: 510-585-3055
eFax: 866-291-4756

3775 Beacon Ave. Ste 120
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
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Rent a Treatment Room
If you are an integrative health practitioner and in need of a space to
practice independently, doing what you are passionate about, and
working closely with like-minded people? Then you should partner
with us.

Fremont Holistic Center has five (5) treatment rooms total. The size
of each room is slightly different, ranges from 120 square feet to
180 square feet. The rooms are fully furnished with a treatment
table or consultation area, two armchairs, a side table, and small
desk. Each of the rooms are also fully decorated. Two of the
treatment rooms also has a sink. There is also a staff break room
for all practitioners to relax and network.

You can rent individual or multiple treatment rooms with a 4-hour
minimum time block. 8AM-12PM, 1pm-5pm, 5:30pm - 9:30pm any
day of the week depending on availability.

As mentioned, you would be working for yourself but under the
Fremont Holistic Center umbrella, availing of our website, social
networking and the passing trade of clients who enjoy the facilities
the center has to offer.

Please note: All therapists/providers must be insured, fully qualified,
registered with a relevant board or association, where possible.

About  the Location/ Building

Fremont Holistic Center is located in central Fremont area (near
Mowry Ave & Fremont Blvd) within the Fremont Professional Park
complex. It is located on the ground floor of building 3775 Beacon
with ample parking in the front of building. The building has one
ADA compliant restroom in the main lobby, and another regular
restroom inside the suite.
Principles of Practitioners at Fremont
Holistic Center:

1. Our primary goal is to guide our patients in their pursuit of
Optimal Health.

2. The quality of patient-physician/practitioner relationship is a
major determinant of healing outcomes.  Thus. we relate to our
patients with compassion and empathy.

3. Any illness is a dysfunction of the whole person – body,
mind and spirit, and/or the environment in which they live,
rather than simply a physical disorder or a random isolated

4. In order to promote health, prevent illness, and manage
disease processes, integrative holistic medical treatment
balances relief of symptoms with treatment of underlying

5. All persons have innate powers of healing of body, mind and
spirit.  Integrative holistic practitioners evoke these powers and
empower patients to utilize them to affect the healing process.